Privacy Policy

Welcome to Our Privacy Policy

1. This page will show you how we collect your informations, how we use your informations, how we protect your informations, and what type of informations we collect from you.

2. How we collect your informations?

We only collect your informations only if you provide us i.e. if you sign up to our site, subscribe to our newsletters, or you made a purchase which needs a payment details. If needed, we will also collect your informations from third-party sources, like google, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.

3. How we use your informations?

We will use your informations only for our site only i.e if we want to know how many visitors visit our site, we will use your informations to send you a newsletter of our newest promotions or news,we will use your informations to develop our relationship with you, and we will also use your informations for complete your purchase as it needs your details to be completed

4. How we protect your informations?

We will NOT share your informations to anyone else outsite our website. We will protect your informations on our website’s data base with a high security system we have set. We will NOT use your informations to do an illegal things, and to do an action which harm your privacy or which breaks the law.

5. What type of informations do we collect?

We will collect infromations such as username, password, payment details, ip address, and email address.

6. How can you access your informations?

You can acces your own details by signing in to your account.

7. How long will we use your informations?

We will use your informations as long as you still use our service.

8. How can you delete your personal informations?

In order to delete your informations, you need to send us an official email to our support team ( stating that you want to delete your personal informations by your own willingness.

9. How can you solve problems you have  on our site?

We will happily help you through problems you have on our site. Please kindly contact our support team ( even though you only want to give us a little suggestion, why? Because we like “little suggestion” very much!

10. Age Restriction

We do not recommend this site for children under 15 years old. Any potential damages occur are not our responsibility

11. Actions againt the law

Any illegal actions you do which has a correlation to our site (i.e. you purchase an item we sold and you use it for an illegal thing breaking the law) are NOT our responsibility

12. Update to our Privacy policy

We will need to update our privacy policy in the future, we will inform you if we have some important changes on our privacy policy by email.

Very Kind Regards,

Slide Master Team