Terms & Conditions

1. What you can do with our file?

Shortly, You or one client, can only use our file(s) for creating your own presentation.

 2. What you can NOT do with our files?

  • You can NOT share our item(s) to others.
  • You can only use our item(s) for one person or institution. 
  • You can NOT share the download link to others
  • You can NOT re-upload our item(s) in any website without our permission.
  • You can NOT re-sale any of our item(s) or part of our presentation.
  • You can NOT use our item(s) for something breaking a law.

3. Customer responsibility

You promise that your data you provide to us is a valid data. Any consequenses regarding this field are not our responsibilitiy

4. Buying our item : license

You have to know which license are suitable for your needs, standart license is for you or one client, in a single end product which end user are not charge for. Extended license is for you or one client, in a single end product which end user can be charge for. It is your responsibility to choose the right license on item you will buy

5. Buying our item : item support

You have a right of getting a support of files you purchased. Please submit a support by contact us on our official email (info@slidemaster.net)

6. Buying our item : checkout

You can finish your purchased by checking out and choose the payment method you like to use

7. Logging in

You can have an account on our website for free. You can access your purchase history, our help center, contact us for support, and many more benefits

8. Newsletter

You can subscribe to our newsletter for free. Our latest promotions and news are there.

9. Products intellectual right

We are the intellectual right holder of all items we sell on this site. Any infringement to our site and products will result in any legal action.

10. Illegal action

We only sell a legal creative product. Any illegal action caused by our customer are not our responsibility

11.  If needed, Any terms or conditions which has not been set yet, will be set as soon as possible.

By using our service, you agree of our privacy policy and our terms and conditions.